"4 Stars....." The Times (UK)

"4 Stars..... All instrumental and all delightful."  The Guardian

"4 Stars..... a rambunctious set of songs, the brass responding to and
playing with Raso’s Djangoisms in a globe-trotting dialogue."
 Financial Times

"Raso distinguishes himself as a bearer of the Django Reinhardt legacy as well as a searing
soloist whose signature style draws on decades of Americana."
 The New York Music Daily

"Devil's Tale, wowed me and had me begging for more."  World Music Central

"The Devil's Tale will grab you and never let you go. It's totally addictive."  Inside World Music

"...whose playing touches on everything from Django Reinhardt
and flamenco to Duane Eddy and rockabilly."
 Global A Go-Go

"Adrian's wizardry guitar playing coupled with Fanfare's infectious
frenetic style makes for a perfect charm."
 Broadway World

"If Django Reinhardt had made his way to the Balkans and formed
the Hot Club of Bucharest, the resulting music might have sounded a little like Devil’s Tale."
 Express Milwaukeeărlia:-devil’s-tale-(asphalt-tango).html

" all makes your ears skip a beat and your heart race." Midwest Record

"5 Stars..... A globetrotting tale filled with twists and turns."  eMusic

".....these cats play so frenetically that only Beelzebub could be behind it."  Something Else

".....all the kick that's needed to beat the devil at the
crossroads honestly without tricks or gimmicks."
 Worldbeat Canada

"On their own both Fanfare Ciocarlia and Adrian Raso are musicians to be reckoned with, 
together they are musical synergy of perfect storm proportions."  
Empty Mirror

"You need to be good, really good, to keep up with these guys."  Off-Center Views

"My first response? Press play again!"  Critics At Large

".....he's got the gypsy blood and makes his guitar sing like a midnight crooner."  Jazz Weekly

".....Devil's Tale is a treat with no lapses."  Roots World

"The group's collective sound is bigger than life.
Rotate this one at an international dance party."
 Downbeat Magazine April 2014